Hi. I'm Judy and I'm an unlikely Bond addict.

Judy Jarvie

Judy Jarvie

Ever been freakily nudged into something you really didn't plan? That's exactly what happened to me with writing a spy book. And I fully blame the Bond films and 007. It crept up on me unawares like the tooled up ninja of smooth and sex appeal that the man himself is - and I felt helpless to resist.

So becoming a 007 fan snuck up on me quite out of the blue. Like an unexpected sneeze. Or indeed Daniel Craig appearing in a silhouetted shower scene. It was suddenly there large as life and like many a leading lady I just had to deal with it as best I could. Have pity on me, please, I beg you.

Sure I'd watched the movies, the DVDs and the TV repeats and always thought…yes, that's a hero. But it's not that I ever really considered myself a fan to any degree in the first place. Sure I'm Scottish so a deep admiration of Sir Sean Connery comes with the territory. It would be unpatriotic not to.

My husband could be seen as the instigator. He's long had a Bond crush thing going on that means he has to catch the latest film and will repeat watch the old ones. Maybe it's the theme tune? Maybe it's the calm, quiet cool? Or maybe it's just a men and gadgets and being smooth while taking out the bad guys thing that has a great many boys liking their Bond Bromance.

So I happily went along with hubby…and soon developed a bit of a James jive all on my own. Then it got to the point that it started yelling in my head to get done. Because I really badly wanted to FUN James Bond up. Maybe just call him Jimbo, or Jamie. Let's face it, he deserves a giggle. He really needs to start joking around more don't you think?

And I guess if I really analyse it at the back of my mind I've always known - one day I'm going to have to write a Bond and make him funnier and sassier. He's the ultimate alpha. Why wouldn't he have the ultimate funny lines too?

But indeed it wasn't until Daniel - a.k.a. The Craig - came along that the nodding dog in me really got into the groove with alacrity. Don't judge please. It's not just his looks (yeah, alright it is) but the steely blue eyed 'no dice' persona speaks almost as loud as the muscles.

Make that funny, and he'll be unstoppable, said my head voice. So I did.

And along came my latest book Spying With Sir. It's the second in a romantic comedy series called Sassy With Sir. The emphasis is as much on heavy banter as hot heroes and all my heroines come fully kitted out to take their men on head to head. What's not to love about that?

So the fact I wrote a spy book lies largely at the Bond blame door. It's an ode to The Craig.

Only this hero is called Dan Draven, who is an FBI Interpol agent on the stake out case of his career. While TV reporter Kate Joseph has unwittingly been handpicked for a job with more personal ramifications than she's ready for.

If you're up for a sexy spy cop and a hot, romantic suspense, undercover heist in the Santorini sun - then this one might just be the spy who nudges you too.

If you like spicy, funny and characters with chutzpah, I hope you might like it and give it a license to thrill.

Spying With Sir is out on general release on 27 September published by Totally Bound and part of the Sassy With Sir Series. Because one Sir is never enough.

Spying With Sir Blurb

Black ops with benefits, spy cop secrets and criminal attraction. An agent finds his kink match on a sizzling Santorini stakeout.

TV news reporter Kate Joseph is assigned to go to Santorini with her hot new boss Dan Draven. But the job's thorny truths soon emerge-Dan's an undercover FBI Interpol agent working on his career case. And Kate's key to infiltrating the perpetrator's network. Shame the only one who's been kept in the dark is her.

Kate's soon embroiled in a world where quick fire bullets rival the rapid fire chemistry and banter she shares with hot top cop hunk Dan. The tension mounts as the body count rises and lives are on the line when the mission develops glaring issues. Doesn't help that the Interpol team are going more stir crazy with every passing hour.

Will Kate and Dan fight their shockingly revealed kink link? Can Dan risk ignoring his back-off mantras when he's been burned in the line of duty before? Will they grasp burning attraction on this rocky road to cracking a precarious international crime case? Hot Greek nights and crazy chemistry guaranteed

Author Bio

Judy Jarvie lives in Fife in Scotland. Her favourite heroes are too numerous to count but she's particularly partial to a bit of banter with her romance and a bit of fun with her novel flirtations.

Judy worked in Marketing and PR but gave it up in favour of motherhood and madness and the indulgence of being able to write whenever the voices in her head tell her to let her fingers loose. You can find out more on her website or Facebook.