Author Karen M Hoyle is launching her second children's book in October. The second book of a five-part series 'The Adventures of Austin the Cornish Miner - The Morgawr and The Bad Knockers' is based in Cornwall and is affectionately known as 'Poldark for 6 year olds'. So why is Cornwall such a great backdrop for storytelling? - Here are ten reasons:

Karen M Hoyle

Karen M Hoyle

1) Magical Folklore - Cornwall has old folklore stories around almost every corner. Cornwall has always been associated with Pixies and King Arthur for many but for the Cornish there are many more that they grew up with. Morgawrs (Sea Serpents), Knockers (Underground Creatures), Underwater Cities, Giants Causeways, Magical Forests, Magic Stones, Mystical Lakes and Ancient Burial Chambers.

2) Real Locations - Cornwall's Folklore and stories are all based in real locations that you can visit, touch and experience in real life. You can can walk the causeway, touch the magic stones and visit the Morgawr Mile.

3) Television Shows - TV has long since enjoyed Cornwall's amazing landscape and coasts for TV series and many Novels are based in Cornwall. Poldark, Doc Martin, Rosamund Pilcher, Jamaica Inn and many more.

4) Mean and Moody - Cornwall has a dark and moody side, with rugged moors and stormy seas that adds dramatic effect and a complete shift to the also stunning white beaches and turquoise seas. Themes can change in a instant and for storytelling the good and bad and light and shade of stories can be brought to life.

5) Tin Mining - More recently Poldark has shone a light on the deep history that Cornwall has with mining and the amazing challenges that those involved faced. My books bring this to a new audience for children in both a magical and educational way that's is also hopefully fun too.

6) Lifestyle - Cornwall enjoys a great work/life balance and a focus on enjoying the landscape and coasts around you. Reading is a key past time along with every coffee stop with a stunning view.

7) Cornwall is recognised worldwide - It is said that 'at the bottom of every mine in the world you will find a Cornishman' - and it has been this history along with stories from the Cornwall that has built its reputation worldwide. Tourists from all over the globe now visit every year and many to experience stories they have read in books or seen on TV.

8) The Cornish - I am proud to be Cornish. We have a unique way of looking at life. We are more straight forward, often seen as being very direct, protective of our heritage and we get around to tasks 'Dreckly'. Beneath our accent lies a cunning understanding of what lies around us and with great invention and entrepreneurship Cornwall is a hive of activity.

9) Stunning beaches and clear waters - Simply breath taking.

10) People find their own magic in Cornwall - Cornwall draws people back to its shores over and over again. For everyone there is magic in Cornwall, it just depends how far you are willing to let your imagination run.