My personal history is an inspirational but harrowing one which I am happy to share – in brief, it’s how I went from having crappy relationships with men on the back of being raped in my teens to now being a relationship transformation expert & best-selling author!

Lyn Smith

Lyn Smith

(More info about my personal survival story can be found in The Change Series - Book 9 - Insights Into Self-empowerment - in which I’m a co-author with Jim Britt and Jim Lutes)

I was 42 years old before a told anyone what had happened to me

I was previously married to my ex-husband for 23 years and for the most part was cold and frigid in that relationship

I have trained with and researched 100’s of world class personal development and relationships experts so that you don’t have to

I now have a phenomenal healthy relationship with my soulmate Paul which is full of deep lasting love, passion, peace and fulfilment. I know if I can feel this ‘alive’ in my relationship then you can too

Equality in intimate relationships is about creating polarisation and I’ve perfected the art of creating polarisation in my own relationship and also coach / train other women to discover how to do the same

My Mission is:

To empower you to reach your full potential in attracting / creating the ultimate intimate, committed relationship.

To have a positive impact in reducing divorce, domestic violence & suicide.

My Vision is:

To achieve my mission globally, through world-class coaching and training.

To contribute by creating a lasting legacy of safety, dignity and opportunity for children and women who have survived rape, abuse and severe trauma as a result of war crimes and sex trafficking – through the setting up of worldwide – ‘you can heal your life’ centres / retreats.

My words of wisdom

- Take responsibility for loving yourself first

- You have a choice and a voice

- Determination to survive adversity is your greatest strength

- Trust and listen to your inner self

- You can heal your life

- Confusion comes before a breakthrough

      - Recognise when you’re not being your true authentic self

      - Knowledge is power

     - Challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow

     - Your past does not equal your future

     - ALL'S well in the end and if it isn't well it hasn't ended yet!

The Cupids Bow Technique - From Casual To Committed Using The Power Of Polarisation is out now