A natural home is certainly something to aspire to but not always realistic. I am the first to admit to failing miserably at times. Our supermarket shelves are laden with new eco-alternatives for just about everything we use in our homes, in every single room. From dog shampoo to baby wipes, eye creams to washing powders. But like all labelling, sometimes they can be confusing and leave you feeling over whelmed with too many decisions to make and not necessarily the know how to do so. I always felt frustrated thinking I was doing the right thing by choosing one product over another only to see that something else would be deceiving, or that the packaging was a ridiculous use of resources or that it just was not natural at all, even though it said so on the packet. After many unhappy experiences in supermarkets and retailers,  I took it upon myself to make a rule and try my hardest to stick to it. If I cant eat it, I don't use it.

Rebecca Sullivan By Nassima Rothacker

Rebecca Sullivan By Nassima Rothacker

Sometimes you won’t have time to make things from scratch and when you don't, there are always  natural alternative. But for the times you do have a few minutes up your sleeves, I wanted to share with you a few reasons why switching to a natural home is a great choice for you and your family.

It WILL save you money. Who doesn't want a little extra money in their shoe fund? I sure do. Skin care and herbal remedies can be super expensive. making it yourself can sometimes save you 300-500% even more on a shop bought product.

Making your own means you know EXACTLY what is in it. Traceability and labelling can be confusing. By making it yourself, you have control over what goes in it.

You can substitute things you don't like with things you do.

Your cupboard and fridge staples plus a few special additions are all you need.

Things you may have thrown out in the past you can now use on your body instead.

You will be contributing to less packaging by using jars and recycled containers.

It takes longer to make a cup of tea than it does to make your own blusher or body scrub.

If you mess up you can always eat it ;)

If you are single you will more often than not smell like chocolate or vanilla and attract all of the attention in the world. I have seen faces licked from the natural blusher recipe .

You and your family will be safe in knowing your home is chemical free.

Your body will thank you for being chemical free.

Most importantly you will have so much fun and are bound to enjoy being a little bit of an alchemist.

Written by Rebecca Sullivan, Author of The Art of The Natural Home