If I weren’t a writer, I’d be a computer scientist.  Just kidding, I can’t even remember my Twitter password. I have to change it every day. If I weren’t writing, I think I’d still work in publishing. I was a marketing assistant at Harlequin (Mills & Boon) right out of college and I helped market titles like The Virgin Bride Said “Wow.” Yes, that is a real title. And it’s my favorite.

Sarah Mlynowski By Heather Waraksa

Sarah Mlynowski By Heather Waraksa

I have a green belt in Tae Kwon Do. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I signed up for lessons when I was in my twenties. I thought it would be a great way to get into shape, learn some self defense and meet men. One of the guys I met looked really, really familiar…It took me forever to place him, but I eventually realized that he was a Harlequin cover model! On one of the novels I had worked on! For real!

I’ve written 31 books. Five for adults, ten for teenagers, fifteen chapter books for kids, and one how-to write-a-book book. I usually work on a few books at the same time. It takes me about a month to write an outline, and three to four to write a first draft. And then there’s the editing. Lots and lots of editing. Too much editing. After that, more editing. The entire process—the writing and the editing, and the editing, and the editing—takes about two years all together. And then there’s all the fun stuff after that to promote the book. Like writing lists about myself. My favorite part is touring. I LOVE touring. I love meeting readers. Also room service.

The Girl’s Guide to Summer is based on a real summer. When I was nineteen I backpacked through Europe with three girlfriends...and met up with my boyfriend along the way. I too ended up in the Mediterranean in my undies. P.S. The boyfriend is now my husband.

My little sister is a reality TV producer. Obviously I think she should make a show about me, but apparently writers are not that interesting. Also, I’ve never flipped a table at a family dinner.

I like to listen to different types of music, but my favorites are Top 40 and Indie Folk. But according to my iTunes, I’m all about Katy Perry. My daughters like to hijack the speakers every day and blast “Roar.” We’re always belting it out, but I can’t sing to save my life.

I don’t know how to ride a bike. I know, I know! I was terrified of falling as a kid and now I’m just lazy.

The first pet I had was a turtle. My aunt and uncle bought it for me as a birthday gift. I was enamored. My parents were not. They took it for a walk and claimed it ran away. I believed them.

I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica. Too cold.

I don’t know how to pronounce my last name either. Too many consonants.