Yes, that's me. You read the title correctly. I'm not just a sport-o-phobe I'm an anti-football zone who'd knit the football-avoidance team coloured scarf if I could. No joke.

Scoring with Sir

Scoring with Sir

I don't do stuff that needs to be commentated on. Games, running, chasing or hitting balls. Not a chance. I'll pass. You go or watch and have fun and just point me to the nearest sofa, add a book or e-reader and make me a cup of something hot before you leave. The closest I've ever come to 'sport' watching was sheepdog trials on TV. Not sure why but I digress (possibly because the farmer or dog was super cute, not sure.)

So it's seems crazy nay preposterous that I'd chose to write a rom-com erotic romance novel titled Scoring With Sir. It's about an ex-premier league footballer who starts work at a school as head of Sport and turns an English teacher's life upside down with his sarcasm, witty banter and out of the stadium sex appeal.

I didn't mean to write about football. I don't understand it and often leave the room if others feel inclined to tune in. I've never really got hot and bothered about hunky footballers even (David Ginola being an exception but that's more because I can never resist a long haired man with a Gallic accent). He could be a cheesemaker or a foot doctor or even both and I'd still fancy him hugely.

But in this case what football had in its favour was my unfortunate links via a best friend who is an Arsenal season-ticket holding super fan and a husband who is Tottenham daft. Mad combo? Tell me about it. Happily they not only get on but helped provide the perfect 'marriage cast in taut tension' for my hero, Will Darby and heroine, Izzy Tennant to spar and spark harder than seething rivals at a cup final match.

Will shows up in Izzy's work life and soon she's hanging from his every rude retort. She is a woman who gives good banter and in Will she's more than met her match. Their friction zings from the off as Izzy tries to navigate their tricky team-touting tantrums. But it's via her secret hobby of writing a steamy bestseller book, that Will becomes a true hero. He is soon on Izzy's hit list for perfect man material. A match made in heaven? Or a sassy struggle between two evenly-matched sides? You decide.

So if you fancy a future book boyfriend who takes divine pleasure in scoring sparks through banter matches, Scoring With Sir could just be your next rom com read.


A teacher with secrets meets her strict Sir match. Izzy earns hot bedroom lessons but scoring as Sir's mistress brings red cards and penalties.

Teacher and football fan turned secret erotica author Izzy Tennant needs full-on steam scenes and real-life experience for her debut novel. Ex-premier league footballer now PE head Will Darby has the moves but his sports pedigree causes friction. Their sass threatens a lust volcano or an ugly fistfight. The sensual tension builds to an inferno when they re-enact erotica scenes at his player mansion.

Scoring items on her X-rated kink list provides Izzy with bestseller spice. But how will her Penalty Master take the revelation that he's just research? And how will Izzy handle the news that Will's keeping secrets of his own? Falling for her sex mentor and craving his extreme play wasn't part of the bonk-buster plan. Nor was reliving past hurts in action replay.

Scoring with Sir is a contemporary romantic erotic comedy with a Glee setting, a Dom/sub secret, a football crazy heroine and an A-list football star hero. Banter and bedroom action guaranteed and fantasies scored in memorable style.

General Release Date: 10th May 2016. Book One in the Sassy With Sir Series from Totally Bound.

Bio - Judy Jarvie

After winning a lovely boxed pen for writing a poem about the beach in a school competition aged eight, Judy Jarvie decided the writing game promised untold exciting treasures. It took her a while to turn that poem into any full length work that anybody would want to read. In the meantime she worked in Press and PR in London until she moved back to Scotland and realised she'd been spurning her burning love of writing love stories with a fair splash of humour thrown into the mix. So she gave in to the call and has kept going ever since. Now the writing keeps her sane and happy and dreaming up new heroes on a regular basis. She lives in a village in Scotland with her husband, two very special daughters and a crazy black cat who all keep her out of trouble and cause a fair bit in return.