R'n'B star Akon claims Beyoncé Knowles once flirted with him.The Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter says one perk of fame is having beautiful women throwing themselves at him.He told Britain's Nuts magazine said: "Oh, yeah, that happens all the time, man! Alicia Keys, Beyoncé - I'm pretty lucky in that respect, but I guess it comes with the circles you find yourself in when you get success."Akon, who claims he has three wives, insists Beyoncé's boyfriend Jay-Z shouldn't be jealous because their liaison happened so long ago.He said: "Nah, he's got plenty of other things to be concentrating on! The man has his own basketball team. I doubt he's going to be worrying about stuff in the past like that! And he sells records too, you know. "Akon, who was born in Missouri to Senegalese parents, says British women are the most beautiful in the world.He added: "Britain has some beautiful women - some of the most beautiful in the world. Every time I'm here, I'm amazed by them."