She said: "I feel it was a moment of growing up. Most people do that in college - mine has to be done in front of the world."

  1. by Joe 19th Oct 2007 18:04

    I'd kiss her feet in a heart beat

  2. by Martha 27th Jan 2008 17:59

    I think he should ask her on kneeling possition, and be happy she allowed him to kiss her feet... I would kiss her feet without waiting....

  3. by Jay 28th Oct 2008 10:26

    she is my favorite
    i would sniff her feet and lick them clean with pleasure

  4. by Sekhar 28th Jan 2009 19:51

    I dream if I was that lucky guy !! I would have instantly get on my knees and kissed her feet (or shoe) !!!

  5. by guillermo corral 10th Mar 2009 15:36

    ashlee simpson is wild and beautiful... I would love to smell her feet and kiss them softly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. by mc 20th Apr 2009 15:30

    I'd throw myself on my knees thanking good I can worship her feet

  7. by mc 20th Apr 2009 15:33

    I wish I could taste her feet, lick her soles and suck her toes until polish came off

  8. by Gunther 18th Oct 2009 19:56

    Sexiest feet in Hollywood:

    1. Ashlee Simpson (by mile)
    2. Stephanie Pratt
    3. Lucy Hale
    4. Michelle Trachtenberg

    Ashlee Simpson, Stephanie Pratt, Michelle Trachtenberg and L... Read More