Victoria also vowed that the new baby will be born in Madrid - proving she has now settled in the Spanish capital where David plays football. She added: "We haven't found a hospital yet because I've been so busy with the house and looking for a school for the boys.

"But it will be very nice that the child is born here in Spain. He will have dual nationality - which means he will be available for the England and Spanish teams!"

Earlier this year, the couple's marriage was rocked by allegations that David had cheated on Victoria with his former personal assistant.

Brunette beauty Rebecca Loos claims to have slept with the handsome star on several occasions in Spain, while Victoria was in England working on her solo career and looking after Brooklyn and Romeo.

Victoria was partly blamed for the alleged affair for not spending enough time with her husband and as a result she moved to Madrid on a permanent basis.

However, David has always denied cheating on his wife, dismissing Rebecca's claims as "ludicrous".