There was no booze before bedtime in the House tonight, a situation that left Bez feeling seriously agitated - and considering a drastic solution. As his housemates got into their pjs just before 1am, Bez confessed he was having trouble going to bed so early. "Friday night going to bed at this time?" he sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. Lisa urged him to see it as a detox - but Bez told her he couldn't take it. "I'm lyin' awake till half four every mornin'," he said, exasperated. "I went off me head last night - I'm not kidding," he said, adding, "I kid you not," just to make sure they knew he was really, seriously not kidding. Lisa suggested herbal sleeping tablets might help. But Bez reckoned more extreme action might be necessary... like scaling the walls. "The worst thing is, I don't know any f***ing phone numbers if I do get over the wall - I can't remember one of them," he garbled When Lisa told him he wouldn't get very far, Bez assured her that it didn't matter. "I just want to go out for the f***ing night," he insisted. Lisa decided to put a stop to all his nonsense. "First, you're gonna injure yourself," she began sternly, "Second, you're gonna get in a whole heap of trouble. And thirdly, you're gonna forfeit all your money," she finished. "What's the f***ing point? Go to bed," she instructed.

Bez was eventually persuaded, but continued to grumble. "If I could go to bed steamin', I'd get me 'ead down," he moaned, "What I f***ing hate is them tellin' me how much I can f***ing drink."

Lisa had her mantra ready. "Come on. You'll get through this. Tomorrow is another day," she pep-talked.

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