Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have started shipping baby clothes and toys from their US house to France.The 'Fight Club' actor and his 'Wanted' star partner are reportedly planning to welcome the newest additions to their family in the European country and have started making preparations.A source close to the couple - who are currently staying in a villa on the French Riviera with their adopted children, Maddox, Pax and Zahara and biological daughter Shiloh - said: "Brad and Angelina are more than content just to stay put in France until after their twins are born. They have started shipping over clothes, toys and Brad's Ducati motorbike to make sure they are prepared for the birth."The couple have been spotted enjoying the local attractions in Nice with U2 guitarist The Edge, who is said to be acting as their unofficial tour guide while they are staying in the country.Angelina is reportedly determined to give birth in France as a tribute to her mother Marcheline Bertrand, who was of French-Canadian descent. Marcheline died in January 2007.

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  1. by sandy_beach 08th May 2008 12:31

    Once again, her mother was from Ohio. American. All the French Canadian / native American stuff was made up for publicity ...

  2. by ookymooky 08th May 2008 14:29

    Marcheline Bertrand's father was of French-Canadian descent, meaning that Angelina Jolie is too.

    My great-greatgrandfather was born in Cork which means I'm of Irish descent.

    It ... Read More

  3. by jjordan 08th May 2008 16:46

    Actually, she was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her father was of French-Canadian descent.