Brad Pitt is to adopt lover Angelina Jolie's two children, it has been claimed. The Hollywood heavyweight is allegedly desperate to become Maddox and Zahara's legal father after convincing Angelina he will always be there to support her and her adopted offspringBrad, whose divorce from Jennifer Aniston will be finalised next month, is said to have already contacted his legal team to get the lengthy process startedA source said: "He's already talking to his lawyers about putting the adoption process in motionHe has been a devoted dad ever since he came into Angelina and her family's life" In July, Brad travelled to Ethiopia with Angelina when the 'Tomb Raider' star visited an orphanage to adopt ZaharaSince the pair started dating, the handsome actor has been repeatedly spotted playing the doting dad to the two children, and was recently seen teaching three-year-old Maddox how to ride a bikeMaddox, who Angelina adopted from a Cambodian orphanage, has also reportedly been overheard calling Brad 'Daddy' Onlookers say the adorable three-year-old was crying: "Where's my daddy?" while his actress mother filmed an Edwin Jeans advert in California last month

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