Britney Spears was left red-faced when she was reportedly asked to put her shoes back on during a flight - because her feet smelled. Sources claim several passengers of the flight from Los Angeles to New York complained about the stench after Britney slipped off her shoes. So an air stewardess had to ask the pop babe to put them back on. A passenger told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "The smell was unbelievable. One woman had a word with the air hostess, then three or four others complained." Britney is said to have blushed when politely asked to do something about the smell, and blamed the odour on her shoes. The passenger added: "Britney went red, laughed and said her shoes make her feet stink. Thankfully she put them back on. There's no way we could have put up with that." Meanwhile, Britney caused herself further embarrassment when she reportedly had to be carried out of a Las Vegas restaurant after drinking too much. The sexy singer apparently drank too much sake while dining out at Japanese eatery Nobu in the Hard Rock Hotel with husband Kevin Federline, mother Lynne and several record company executives. Onlookers claim she had to be helped out of the restaurant and allegedly proceeded to throw up in the car park.

However, Britney's spokeswoman insists the star was not drunk or sick, telling America's New York Post newspaper: "Britney did enjoy the sake and had a great fun-filled time.

The reports of her being helped out of the restaurant are greatly exaggerated, but she may have been tipsy because she has recently lost a lot of weight and is tiny."

Britney was back on top form when she attended the Billboard Awards at Las Vegas' MGM Grand hotel with Kevin and her tiny pet dog.

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  1. by chris mosley 01st Feb 2008 20:01

    I'd still suck her

  2. by Emin 06th Feb 2008 22:22


  3. by eric rain 12th Feb 2008 00:32

    i would love to suck her toes and smell her soles for evuh! i wish i was there...

  4. by Thefeetster 22nd Apr 2009 21:42

    I would have licked them clean for her!" Really, I would never complain about a barefoot Britney Spears, I'd love to get up close to her sexy feet!

  5. by matt 03rd Feb 2010 00:41

    i think it is hot that britney spears feet stink. I would luv to sniff them 1 day

  6. by Lei 22nd Jun 2010 11:34

    Feet sweat. shoes stink, including mine. Its normal for everyone. I hate it when people take their shoes off in public. I would of slapped britney for that lol

  7. by footlicker 25th Aug 2010 01:36

    i would have stolen her shoes and enshrined them!

  8. by Rolland Brown 11th Jan 2012 21:19

    Holy cow I would of dropped to my knees and sniffed for days

  9. by pbdt 25th May 2012 10:27

    have the site moderators not noticed the fact that this has become hijacked by some fairly hardcore foot fetishists! - does no-one check this stuff? :-D

  10. by alex junior 29th Jun 2012 16:51

    i wish i could worship her feet i love female feet and i love britney she has nice and fleshy feet and suckable toes