SHIELDS WILLING TO PATCH THINGS UP WITH CRUISEStunning actress BROOKE SHIELDS wants to bring an end to her feud with TOM CRUISE, following a very public war of words.The former SUDDENLY SUSAN star, 40, had lashed out at Cruise after he criticised her for using anti-depressants to ease her post-partum depression.But Shields is now willing to end the feud - and even plans to see his upcoming movie. She tells PEOPLE magazine, "I'll see him in WAR OF THE WORLDS. "I agree with him about his feeling on prescribing drugs to kids. We are in accord. I don't think Ritalin should be prescribed to kids."But Shields insists that Cruise took his comments one step too far, adding, "Post-partum depression is a different matter. I think I'm more qualified to talk about that (than he is)."And Shields believes she has little to be sorry about after taking a jab at the 16-year age difference between Cruise and KATIE HOLMES, explaining, "My comment about his girlfriend is flattering in Hollywood terms!"

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