Catherine Zeta Jones says husband Michael Douglas has the "scabbiest" socks she has ever seen. The Welsh beauty has revealed that although her husband is a multi-millionaire actor, he still dresses like a tramp. She admitted: "Every time I look down at his feet, he's always got the scabbiest-looking socks"And he's obsessed with this plastic $2 hairbrush - it goes everywhere with him"Catherine also revealed she has banned her two children, Dylan and Carys, from eating sweets.The 'Legend of Zorro' star says she is determined to raise her kids on a healthy diet. She explained to America's Life magazine: "I don't give them kid food."No candy. Almost no juice. When my kids have juice, it's like they're having their first taste of champagne" Catherine even admits she is terrified of Dylan and Carys playing on the climbing frame. She confessed: "I'm always afraid they're going to fall off and break their legs, whereas Michael throws them in the air!"