Christina Aguilera is reportedly getting married in a matter of weeks. The sexy star is rumoured to want to tie-the-knot with fiancé Jordan Brightman as soon as possible - and take the limelight from arch rival Britney Spears. Britney and boyfriend Kevin Federline, who have been dating for just four months, have announced they are to wed in November - sparking rumours she is pregnant. Now friends of Christina have revealed she is so competitive she wants to marry and have a baby before Britney does - so she gets all the attention. A source said: "Christina's suddenly bringing forward her wedding from 'sometime down the line' to 'as soon as possible'. "It's no secret Britney wants to get married and have Kevin's baby.

That's exactly what Christina wants with Jordan, even though they both deny it.

If Christina can do it all first and make Britney look like an also-ran - so much the better!"

Another friend revealed: "The talk is all about who to invite to the wedding, baby names and where the nursery is going to go.

They don't sound like they're kidding around either."