Christina Aguilera has removed all her body piercings - except her nipple ring. The sexy singer, who famously wore a diamond stud in her most intimate place, has confessed her body jewellery was only a form of rebellion which she no longer needs. Christina said: "I was rebelling. I've taken out all my piercings, apart from one in my right nipple.That's for me." Last year, Christina's piercings reportedly caused a security alert at an American airport after setting off alarms. Christina once said about her intimate diamond stud: "It's really beautiful and expensive, and I like it a lot. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it.

It just seemed erotic in a place that most people wouldn't have the guts to do it."

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  1. by Sean Kelly 04th May 2008 11:53

    Christina should have used a titanium clit piercing. I've got titanium in my leg and it never sets the alarms off!

  2. by Notta 06th Jun 2008 18:54

    My comments? She's a pu__y for taking them out. " It was for rebellion...!" Please! Should have thought about it before you did it in the first place! We here in the real world don't ge... Read More

  3. by anon 30th Jun 2008 22:50

    wow, i guess the sensation must have been too much for her.

  4. by jake 29th Sep 2008 05:52

    Interesting..I think this article would have been even better if pics of her piercings were also provided.

  5. by Dave 17th Oct 2008 12:05

    Sounds like Notta is doing a LOT of WHAAAAAAA!!!!