Sarah Ferguson has reportedly been introduced to the Kabbalah by Hollywood actress Demi Moore. Sources claim the Duchess of York has discussed the religion with Kabbalah guru Rabbi Michael Berg in London after Demi, a devout follower of the mystic Jewish faith, arranged a meeting. An insider revealed: "Demi told her how much Kabbalah has changed her life and Sarah wanted to learn more."

A spokesperson for Sarah admitted that the Duchess was interested in learning more about the controversial religion, which counts Madonna, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton among its followers. He told America's MSNBC website: "She's not declaring herself a Kabbalahist. But she has a lot of interest in spirituality, and she does have friends who are followers of Kabbalah and she's interested in it and she's pursuing that interest." Other celebrity followers include Demi's toyboy Ashton Kutcher, Elizabeth Taylor and teen actress Lindsay Lohan.

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