Elizabeth Hurley wants to get married in a kaftan.The British beauty - who is dating Indian business tycoon Arun Nayer - says she would rather wear a colourful robe than a traditional wedding dress if she ties the knot.The sexy actress, who has been at the centre of wedding rumours for months, says she would be happy wearing a beach wrap from her own fashion line at her nuptials.She said: "I might just get married in an Elizabeth Hurley beach kaftan. Jewelled, of course. Hand-beaded in India."Hurley, 40, also claims she would find it "hell" choosing a wedding gown because she has so many designer pals.She told Britain's Hello magazine: "If I had a dress designed for me I'd be in absolute agony. I wouldn't know who to go to. I have so many friends in the fashion business and I work with so many fabulous people I'd be in absolute hell."She added: "I'd probably make it myself or but it at Debenhams."

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