R&B star EVE is fuming after a home made sex tape she made when she was 21 was leaked onto the internet.The 30-second video shows the singer and then boyfriend, Bad Boy Entertainment producer STEVIE J using a sex toy and is dated 20 November 1999.Eve has taken immediate legal action to have the footage pulled from the world wide web, and her spokesperson has issued a statement attacking its leak.It claims the tape was made "years ago with her boyfriend of over two years. The fact that a private moment is being made public is a violation, and we would hope that people would respect her privacy as they would their own".A friend tells the New York Daily News, "She's devastated by this. She's hired a private investigator. She can't figure out how this got out. (Stevie J) says he has nothing to do with it and is also horrified because he has kids."

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