Black Eyed Peas star Fergie bites her skin.

As well as nibbling on her nails, the sexy singer has confessed she chews the skin on her hands and wrists when she gets nervous or bored

She admitted: "I bite my skin, too"When she was younger, Fergie's mom tried to stop her habit by smothering her hands in bad-tasting creamBut it didn't work because Fergie, real name Stacey Ferguson, liked the bitter flavourShe explained: "I like the chemical taste"Meanwhile, Fergie has confessed she pretended to have bulimia when she lost weight through drug addictionThe singer took so much Ecstasy and crystal meth, her appetite disappeared

So the star - who was in band Wild Orchid at the time - said she had the eating disorder as a cover story

Fergie also admitted in an interview with Britain's Q magazine that she attended Overeaters Anonymous to make her story even more convincing

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