Gwyneth Paltrow has scrapped her strict macrobiotic diet in a desperate attempt to lose her baby weight.The mother-of-two has been struggling to lose the weight she put on before giving birth to son Moses in April and is now following a strict eating programme designed by celebrity health guru Dr Joshi.A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Gwyneth is really testing her willpower with this one."She has followed a macrobiotic diet for years and has only recently relaxed rules so she can have dairy products."But now Dr Joshi has listed everything she can and cannot have in order to get back to her pre-baby physique - it's scary."Gwyneth - who is married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin - is banned from eating wheat, dairy products, tomatoes, peppers, fruit, sugar, gluten and red meat. She is also forbidden from drinking alcohol.The vegan actress' old diet consisted of fruit, vegetables and grains. The new diet allows her to eat only turkey, chicken, white fish, vegetables and bananas.

Gwyneth - who also has a daughter, Apple, from her marriage to Chris - also has to take herbal supplements to flush out toxins and have regular colonic irrigation, reflexology and cupping treatments.

The source added: "Gwyneth has been wearing corsets to make her appear slightly thinner but she can't wait to bin them when the diet is finished."

Dr Joshi charges £750 for a detox diet and treatments and his other clients include actress Cate Blanchett, British actor Rupert Everett and supermodel Kate Moss.

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