Halle Berry is reportedly pregnant with her first child.The Oscar-winning actress is rumoured to be expecting a baby with her actor boyfriend, Michael Ealy, while other sources claim the couple are in the process of trying for a child, according to America's New York Daily News newspaper. Halle's spokeswoman did not return calls to comment. But the stunning actress has made no secret of her desire to become a mother.She recently admitted she is desperate to have children before she turns 40 next year, telling chat show host Oprah Winfrey: "If there's no serious man, whoever I'm dating at the time, I'll say, 'Hey, would you like to have a baby? I'll sign a paper that will say I won't ask you for one red cent'"After a turbulent love life, which saw Halle split first from husband David Justice, then from second husband Eric Benet, the sexy star recently confessed she may have to resort to artificial insemination or adoption to realise her dream of motherhood.She said: "It looks like the only option I have left is to head for the sperm bank. I've been so desperately unlucky in love and that has thwarted my desire for motherhood It's so frustrating"The only other option would be adoption I really earn for a child and I can't wait much longer"

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