Jaime Pressly says her 16-month-old son is addicted to Cuban coffee.The 'My Name is Earl' star - who is engaged to DJ Eric Calvo - admits Devi can't get enough of the caffeinated drink.She said: "My kid is really loud. He is just like 'MOMMY' all the time. And I'll be standing right next to him. He means no harm. He just wants a cup of Cuban coffee!"Jaime also revealed her son's addiction is being encouraged by Cuban-born Eric, who is better known by his professional name Eric Cubiche.She added: "You think when Eric and Devi are speaking to each other in Spanish they're mad, but they're really just saying, 'Hey, do you want to go get a cup of coffee?' "The 31-year-old actress added she was surprised that Devi didn't inherit his father's dark skin.She said: "Eric is very, very, very dark. He's Cuban with an olive complexion. Dezi came out looking like me. It's pretty crazy! Although he does tan really well!"

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