James Bond is ditching his trademark tuxedo.The suave spy will only be seen in casual wear in the upcoming 'Casino Royale'.New Bond Daniel Craig is quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "The only time you'll see me wearing one is in the promo."Fans are said to be furious 007 won't be in his classic outfit in the latest instalment of the classic franchise.David Black, chair of the International James Bond fan club, stormed: "Bond without his tux is like Batman without his cape."Earlier this month, it was revealed the dashing agent is swapping his traditional sports car for a family friendly vehicle in the film.Filmmakers have decided to ditch Bond's Aston Martin for a Ford Mondeo - but insist it will still be packed with gadgets.

According to reports, manufacturers paid nearly

£14 million to get their car on screen.

An insider revealed: "It's a huge deal, worth far more than the

£2 million Daniel Craig is getting to play the spy.

"Moviegoers will see Bond using the car for chases and picking up girls."

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