Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch has a "crush" on Russell Brand.

The 52-year-old actress - who is happily married to her wife of two years Lara Embry - has revealed although people assume she has no interest in men she does still find some guys attractive, especially the quirky British comedian.

She revealed: "Let's get one thing out there right away; I have crushes on guys all the time. I'm gay but I'm not immune to the male charm.

"Russell Brand would be fun. I kissed him full on the lips on Jay Leno's show ... of course he's out of his mind, but I think that might make things quite fun."

Jane - who is best known for her role as stern cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester in high school show 'Glee' - still remembers when she and Lara realised how popular the programme had become and the strain it put on their relationship when she was "thrust" into the limelight.

Speaking to the new issue of Glamour magazine, she recalled: "I remember being chased out of a restaurant by a bunch of girls after the first episode had aired. My wife, Lara, couldn't believe it. You go through life being anonymous and suddenly you can't sit in a shop any more.

"I met Lara when we first filming the first season of 'Glee', so although she was thrust into this world without wanting to be a part of it, it was brand new for me too. Back then I remember thinking that I had to go to every party. Because I don't drink, there's no social buffer for me, so it can be hard."