Jennifer Aniston claims being married to Brad Pitt made her insecure. The former 'Friends' beauty - who is in the process of divorcing the Hollywood heartthrob - says, despite appearances, married life was far from perfect. She said: "When your parents split up, like mine did, it's impossible to delude yourself about fairytale romance and happy endings. I think it taught me that life isn't always perfect and gave me a realistic approach to marriage, which I value. Marriage brought up all the kind of things I pushed to the back-burner - the fear, the mistrust, the doubts, and the insecurities." Despite their split, Jennifer claims her estranged husband is the "kindest person" she's ever met. The 36-year-old actress says she will always remain close to "gentleman" Brad. She is quoted by Britain's Heat magazine as saying: "We're friends, that's what we've always been first and foremost. Brad is the kindest person I know and the sweetest goofball on the planet.

He helps you with your chair in restaurants and opens the car door for you. He's a gentleman. He accepted me with all my crap and dysfunction and insecurities and struggles.

He called me 'The Leaker' because I cry easily."

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