Jennifer Lopez is reportedly putting the future of her latest movie in jeopardy - with a series of outrageous demands.

The sexy star, famed for her extravagant lifestyle, is currently shooting low-budget, independent movie 'Bordertown', in New Mexico.Lopez has allegedly crippled director Gregory Nava's tight budget with a series of diva-like demands, insisting she was moved from her hotel to a private villa, wanting all bills paid for her $100- a-day hairstylist, Oribe, and asking for a luxury trailer on set.A movie source is quoted by Britain's Daily Mail newspaper as saying: "She doesn't seem to realise this is an independent movie and there is no one to pay her outrageous bills".According to reports, the outlandish demands could even financially ruin the project, which also stars Antonio Banderas, unless new investors come in or the 35-year-old star tones down her requests.Meanwhile, JLo has revealed is desperate to be a mother because she feels she has sacrificed too much of her life to her career.The stunning diva says she now wants to step out of the limelight to become a "normal" woman and raise a family. The star, who earlier this year sold her luxury Hollywood mansion for a more modest family home, confessed: "I want to be a mother more than anything I'm realising that much of my life has gone I have made sacrifices for my career".

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