Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey may be getting back together.The 'Newlyweds' stars have reportedly been going on secret dates, and have started enjoying each other's company again.The pair met up secretly at a hotel room to "sort out" issues between them.Britain's Morre magazine reports a close friend of the couple as saying: "By the time Nick got up to leave they were starting to question whether they should go through with the divorce after all."Nick reportedly called Jessica and asked if she had a good time as he had.The insider added: "As soon as she said 'yes', he asked if she wanted to do it again. They've met up several times since then."It's always hush-hush and in a private place. They've lived enough of their lives in the public eye."

Last month, the blonde bumped into her ex-lover unexpectedly at Valley Inn Restaurant and Bar in California.

The insider said: "As soon as Nick and Jess caught each other's eyes, he slid into the booth right next to her and gave her a big hug and kiss.

"It's not like the two of them are reconciling. It's more like they're having 'time-out' to make sure they're making the right decision to split. They still love each other."

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