Justin Timberlake is reportedly planning to propose to girlfriend Jessica Biel. The 'SexyBack' singer - who has been dating Jessica for over a year - was seen shopping for engagement rings at famous New York jewellery store, Tiffany and Co.An onlooker said: "Justin was really taking his time looking round the rings. He made the staff get a couple out of the cabinets so he could properly look at them. "He didn't buy anything but told the manager he would think about it."Jessica recently revealed she and Justin much prefer snuggling up with the board game Scrabble than going out drinking and dancing.She said: "We do a lot of dinner parties and we play board games. I absolutely love Scrabble!"Justin and Jessica have been reluctant to speak openly about their relationship.

When 26-year-old Justin appeared on US TV show 'The Oprah Winfrey Show', he refused to talk about 25-year-old Jessica, only saying: "I'm dating someone but all I can tell you is she smells lovely!"

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  1. by Maria 15th Feb 2008 17:11

    Like I said before I don't always believe what I always read regarding celebrities relationship, but on the other hand if it is true and J.T. want's to make honest women out of Jess or ... Read More

  2. by the italian babe 15th Feb 2008 20:31

    Hmmm...shopping for a ring. I'd take a damn bread tie from the J.T. as long as he was honest and good to me :) And kept me far away from the damn media.