Beckinsale Falls For On-screen Husband Sandler.KATE BECKINSALE has fallen in love with ADAM SANDLER, her new on-screen husband.The actress, who is wed to UNDERWORLD director LEN WISEMAN, admits she loved being married to funnyman Sandler in CLICK because he has a knack of making everyone feel extra special.The British actress feared she'd be little more than "a roaming pair of breasts" on the male-heavy production, but new dad Sandler made sure that everyone felt great.And Beckinsale has even reconsidered her stance on letting daughter LILY act - as long as she can star in a Sandler project.She says, "My daughter was around on the set and she has decided that she's a relative of his (Sandler)."These kids were brilliant in the movie. If I had a child actor I would want them to be in an Adam Sandler movie because he just comes in and makes them so comfortable and he is so brilliant with them and they go ahead and think that they have this special relationship with him."He's just generous and brilliant to work with. I was so bummed out when it was over. I felt like summer camp had ended and nobody invited me to Hanukkah.

It was great. I loved it."

Meanwhile the VAN HELSING star was shocked when she read salacious gossip about her split from boyfriend MICHAEL SHEEN in the tabloids in 2003, because she is actually quite conservative.

The actress was filming UNDERWORLD at the time and unexpectedly fell in love with the movie's director LEN WISEMAN and subsequently left Sheen, making her a prime target for the tabloids.

She explains, "I don't know if you can find another actress in this town (Los Angeles) who's slept with only two people in a decade.

"Because I had left a relationship, there's a salacious quality to the story that really isn't true."

The star has found a way to reluctantly deal with her new-found celebrity alter-ego adding, "I'm not that person. I sort of stand behind her sometimes at events. It's very strange."

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