Kate Beckinsale has been driving the male crew members wild on the set of new film 'Underworld: Evolution' by parading around in top-to-toe latex.The beautiful actress - who has a threesome with two vampires in the movie - says she forgets the effect her rubber suit has on men.She told America's Giant magazine: "You actually forget you are wearing it after a while but other people sure don't."I'd bend over to tie my shoes and four guys behind me would be making groaning noises and suddenly I'd be quite aware again."Meanwhile the Kate revealed she strips for her husband via a webcam.The sexy brunette and husband Len Wiseman miss each other so much when they're working apart they watch each other cavorting naked on their computers.The 32-year-old also confessed she loves dressing up in saucy outfits for her nightly striptease. She told Playboy magazine: "It was Len's idea and he set them up.

"He tells me what to wear each evening. It really helps our relationship.

"There's no way we are keeping it clean. That's the whole point. It's just like when you get a photocopier and you just have to do one of your bum. It's just one of those rules of life."

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