Kate Beckinsale only likes to work out when she is surrounded by men.The 'Underworld: Evolution' star loves going to the gyms where muscle-bound hunks are pumping iron.She told Britain's In Style magazine: "My favourite kind of gym is the old, sweaty, body-building gym with only men in it. No fancy stuff for me."The 32-year-old actress, who had to gain a stone to play Hollywood legend Ava Gardener in 'The Aviator', lost the weight by sticking to a strict exercise regime of weights and running.Meanwhile, Beckinsale has revealed she looked like her mother while shooting her latest film.The 32-year-old actress plays a 54-year-old in her new film 'Click' and had to have prosthetics glued to her face to make her look older.She said: "I looked like my mother. It was creepy."