Despite Orlando taking Kate on a make-or-break holiday to Brazil last month in a bid to repair their relationship, she decided she had had enough.

The friend added: "Orlando is a social bloke and he misses the camaraderie of the laddish drinking culture in the UK. When Sean was around he jumped at the chance to sink a few jars."

  1. by Tiffany Ojeda 29th Dec 2010 18:12

    i am shocked. i always been in love with Orlando but i never knew he would do that to his own wife and the soon to be mother. thats just ridiculous. men are all the same. thats why i th... Read More

  2. by Dee 17th Oct 2012 04:48

    Tiffany: The article is in regards to Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom's relationship. Not with him and his current wife, mother of his child, Miranda Kerr.