Supermodel KATE MOSS' mother reportedly blames troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY for pictures published in British newspaper the Daily Mirror yesterday (15SEP05), which seemingly show her daughter taking cocaine. LINDA, who enjoyed a short holiday partying with the British beauty on the Spanish island Ibiza last month (AUG05), has been fearing for her daughter and granddaughter LILA GRACE's safety ever since she began dating the BABYSHAMBLES frontman eight months ago (JAN05). When asked by British newspaper The Sun whether she thought Doherty was a bad influence, Linda rolled her eyes and exclaimed, "Tell me about it!" She added, "It's a difficult subject to say anything about. I haven't spoken to Kate yet but no doubt we will have words later. "I can't really comment on something I know very little about."In related news Ms Moss' lucrative modelling career is reportedly in jeopardy after a British newspaper published photographs appearing to show her snorting cocaine yesterday (15SEP05). The Daily Mirror depicted the British supermodel in a series of low quality snaps, purportedly taking the hard drug during a recording studio session with her singer boyfriend PETE DOHERTY's band BABYSHAMBLES - and a number of fashion houses are reconsidering their contracts with Moss.

The UK beauty recently secured a $1.8 (£1 million) deal to advertise a new range of H & M clothing designed by STELLA McCARTNEY but the Swedish high street retailer is reeling from the claims levelled against Moss.

A spokesperson says, "This has come as a shock to us. It's very sad. We don't know what will happen at the moment. We are in talks with her agent to find out the facts and will make a decision after that."

Moss earns an estimated yearly income of $7.2 million (£4 million) from a series of longstanding contracts with Burberry, Christian Dior, Rimmel, H Stern and Chanel - and representatives for most her employers have refused to comment on the scandal.

When asked if Kate Moss still worked with Dior, a spokesperson replied, "Good question. I can't answer that."

Moss has always strenuously denied rumours she takes drugs, and won a libel case against British newspaper the Sunday Mirror in July (05) over an article it published claiming she collapsed in Barcelona, Spain, in 2001 following a cocaine binge.

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