Kate Moss has had drug fuelled three-in-a-bed lesbian sex sessions with her best friends - and has also bedded Jude Law. The model reportedly becomes wildly sexual during cocaine-fuelled parties, and has orchestrated a number of lesbian romps with friends including actress Sadie Frost and British TV star Davinia Taylor.And she even included Hollywood star Jude when he became jealous of her involvement with his then wife, Sadie Frost. Kate's lesbian sex sessions were always fuelled by drugs and alcohol, according to fashion PA Rebecca White, who revealed the 31-year-old's debauched past to Britain's News of The World. Rebecca, who has known Kate since 1998 and partied with her at least 60 times said: "When Kate is under the influence of drugs, she becomes incredibly uninhibited "She is naturally a very sexually open person. But, when she's doing cocaine, she will fall into bed with whoever she chooses. Women as well as men" The first time the supermodel bedded her friends was in a suite at London's Claridges hotel after a showbiz party three years ago.

A source said: "Kate was high and the other two [Frost and Taylor] were drunk at a bash They went up to a suite and got in bed together They were watching television together when Kate started chatting about sex

"She had already been to bed with Sadie - so she asked Davinia if she had ever done it before They started snogging and soon they were having a threesome with Sadie"

The claims come just days after Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper published pictures of Moss snorting cocaine.

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