Kate Moss has been short listed for the 'Celebrity Mother of the Year' award.The supermodel, who has a three-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, made it on to a list of top star mums - despite being exposed as a drug user and checking into rehab during the last twelve months.The 32-year-old made the final cut alongside celebrities such as Sharon Osbourne and Rod Stewart's fiancee Penny Lancaster.Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, also made the list.Meanwhile, Kate is reportedly desperate to have another baby - with old flame Jefferson Hack.She allegedly asked Hack, Lila Grace's father, if he would consider being the dad of her second child.She reportedly wants any brother or sister Lila may have to be a full sibling.

A source revealed: "If Jefferson was the dad then the child would be a blood brother or sister to Lila. That is actually a huge thing for Kate.

"Kate didn't put it to him as a 'big plan'. She just told him he was the only person she could imagine being the father of her children and that she did want another baby."

The source added: "The one man Kate really trusts and relies on is Jefferson. Kate thinks he's the most amazing father."

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