A source said at the time: "Commitment is a huge deal to Keanu

"They have known each other for years Over the last few months Keanu started thinking about settling down"

But the heartthrob star, who famously enjoyed a on-off relationship with British actress Amanda De Cadanet, has been beset depression and family problems in recent years

Five years ago, then girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, gave birth to the couple's still-born baby, before being killed in a car accident a year later, while Keanu's sister, Kim, has been battling Leukaemia for several years

  1. by Kim 09th Dec 2007 06:50

    I have always admired Keanu's talent, and I'm glad to see him happy--no one deserves to be alone! Good luck, Keanu & Autumn!

  2. by Tammy Ponder 24th Jan 2008 23:42

    He's been though alot, and has lost love and I'm so glad Keanu has found love again and someone to share his life with.

  3. by Renee 17th Feb 2008 06:47

    Keanu you are a very beatiful person & I admire your talents. You remind me of my love, gentle and kind just as you are. Unfortunately, we never married as he died in an accident a whil... Read More

  4. by sarah evans 04th May 2013 10:02

    well done to you both and all the very best for the future xxxx