The troubled star’s ex-convict father, Sam, abandoned both Keanu and his mother when he was just a few years old.

Later, the Reeves family was again rocked when an argument between Keanu’s sister, Kim - who has been battling leukaemia - and her mother over an English woman she had taken on as an adoptive daughter caused a bitter rift.

Since then, Keanu has battled deep depression after the heartache of his daughter being still-born, as well as her mother, Jennifer Syme, being killed in a tragic road accident a year later.

  1. by Cheri 30th Oct 2007 19:04

    I just watched LAKEHOUSE & think that this actor is probably one of the best we have today. His genuineness and his beauty of soul are evident in his personality and in his acting.

  2. by Dick L. Casas 23rd Dec 2010 07:08

    to marry or not to marry, you will always be one of the actors I admire. Marry anyway to find more meaning in your life.