Rolling Stones star Keith Richards claims bandmate Ronnie Wood likes going to rehab. The legendary guitarist, who is famed for his heavy drink and drug use, says Wood - who is trying to stay sober on the Stones' current 'Bigger Bang' world tour - enjoys spending time in a drying-out clinic because he doesn't have to talk to anyoneKeith said: "So what if Ronnie's in rehab? He likes it thereHe goes there to get away from people saying, 'What are you doing?'" Meanwhile, Ronnie - who is being encouraged to stay sober by bandmates singer Mick Jagger and drummer Charlie Watts - has confessed being on tour is "boring" without boozeHe revealed in an interview with Britain's Q magazine: "Without alcohol it's a bit boringMick and Charlie are very supportive"It was a 40-year habitIt's hard to change the ways of a lifetime It's the Stones It's hard to kick the party aspect"

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