Kevin Federline has slammed Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey for splitting - and insists he and wife Britney Spears will stay together forever.The fledgling rapper is not impressed by the 'Newlyweds' stars' decision to get divorced and insists he doesn't believe in breaking wedding vows.He told America's Spin magazine: "My situation is different. I ain't gettin' no divorce. F**k that! I don't believe in that s**t."Once you get married, you're in it for the fight. Nick and Jessica did their whole thing together. They really blew up together on that show. They deserve whatever they get."Federline, who starred with Britney on their own reality TV show 'Chaotic', has also revealed he is being forced to pursue a music career.He added: "I don't have a choice. It's not like I can go and do construction, start building houses in Malibu...They are forcing me to do this, and I am glad they are. I am more than happy to do it."

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