MADONNA: 'DON'T CALL ME MADGE'Pop superstar MADONNA has banned her director husband GUY RITCHIE from using her British nickname, Madge.The MATERIAL GIRL had never heard of the name until she moved to England and was horrified when the SNATCH film-maker called her by it, because she "can't stand it". She complains, "Guy does not call me Madge. I can't stand that. I think fans call me Madge, and the press do. "The first time I heard that name was when I moved here. I've never met anyone called Madge. Is it cockney rhyming slang?"

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  1. by richaed 08th Dec 2007 08:56

    my mom's name is madge and it is beautiful. her mom's name was laverna, which is also so unique. embrace something diferent like when you where younger. I am R. Douda and am proud of th... Read More

  2. by Madge 13th Jul 2008 19:22

    My real name is Madge.

    Its not cockney rhyming slang for anything as suggested by Madonna.

    How rude of her to insult all females who's given name is Madge.

    I love my name its u... Read More

  3. by Sidious 31st Jul 2008 12:56

    Madge rhymes with Vag. I don't blame her for hating it. It sounds like it's from the 1800's and is hideous. That doesn't mean there's some wonderful and beautiful people with the nam... Read More

  4. by chloe 17th Oct 2008 11:03

    There's nothng wrong with the name Madge. My dog is called Madge and other people are called Madge. Madonna might not like the name but she doesn't need to insult people.

  5. by whitnee 31st Mar 2009 18:39

    k umm "madonna" what a normal name. and she's complaining about madge. wow someone has some loose screws...

  6. by ethanjwest 01st Apr 2009 03:03

    Not a big deal, she doesn't like the name. She's clearly not insulting anyone by saying that she is against being called Madge.

  7. by Andrew Macintosh 04th Jul 2009 21:35

    I think the name Madge is excellent.

  8. by pop-aart 15th Mar 2014 00:05

    Madge is actually a pretty normal name... What is she talking about?