Madonna has confessed to taking highly-addictive painkiller Vicodin. The sexy singer says she took the prescription drugs - which Matthew Perry and Eminem were famously hooked on - after injuring herself in a horse riding accidentBut the star claims the drug turned her into a "complete bitch" and she has vowed never to take it againShe said: "I only tried Vicodin onceI was in a lot of pain, and everyone kept telling me to try itBut they kept saying, 'Be carefulIt's so amazingYou're going to get addicted' So I called five people to get advice before I took it, and they all told me I was going to love it" She added to America's Rolling Stone magazine: "I just chewed the entire inside of my mouth I bitched at everybody And I was in more pain It was the worst experience of my life"

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