Westlife star Mark Feehily has sensationally confessed he is gay. After keeping his sexuality secret from fans for six years, the pop heartthrob has admitted he has a boyfriend.Mark - who will break thousands of female fans' hearts with his revelation - is dating 21-year-old singer Kevin McDaid, who used to be in boyband V.He revealed: "I want people to know the truth about my sexuality. I am gay and I'm very proud of who I am."I'm not asking for sympathy, or to be a role model to anyone else. I simply felt it was the right time for me to let people know the truth."The 25-year-old star says he is very happy with Kevin, who he has been dating for several months.He told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "I've found someone who is a real companion. It does get lonely being on the road with the band sometimes and I'm very happy now I'm in a relationship with someone who makes me laugh."

Mark - who says his bandmates, Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne and Kian Egan, are all supportive of his decision to come out - is not the first pop idol to keep his sexuality secret from fans.

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  1. by joy 18th Dec 2007 07:14

    i dont believe it because mark loves mariah carey

  2. by vien 21st Dec 2007 11:12

    i'm happy for him, but still hope that he'll eventually realise that he is straight and just having identity crisis! i love mark i wish i could make her straight!!! i he able to meet me... Read More

  3. by honey webb 31st Dec 2007 10:59

    how about mariah carey ?how much he loves mariah?i just wish and hope he will stay the same bcoz i really love this guy ever no matter what

  4. by woody 04th Feb 2008 10:32

    well because he is in a boy band i guess i would never be able to have him so im glad no other woman can either! if this is his choice then good luck to them both...
    but mark i still think your georgous xxx

  5. by carla 11th Feb 2008 12:03

    i luv mark feehily so much!!!...i was so shock then when i read about this article..i really dont care if he is a gay,all that matters most for me is i luv mark feehily....westlife 4-ever!!!

  6. by carla 11th Feb 2008 12:07

    its pretty funny that the net said that mark feehily admits that he is a gay...but i still believe it...heheheh

  7. by robelyn tan 21st Feb 2008 02:13

    " actually, when i first read the article, i was so shock but then, we fans have no right to condemned him of what and who he is.
    i like mark feehily no matter what.

  8. by hazelyn malana 21st Mar 2008 02:41

    i really love mark feehily... and it breaks my heart when he reveals his sexuality...best wishes for him na lang!

  9. by happy 08th Apr 2008 19:22

    well, whether Mark is gay or not, I still love him. nothing changed, he still have the voice and the lookes, All im saying is be your self, If your comfortable its who u are.

    still love him.

  10. by momo 11th Apr 2008 06:03

    well....whatever 'bout bad comments for Mark
    i still love him
    and i love that couple
    that is SO SWEET...isn't it?

  11. by nelly 16th Apr 2008 22:09

    I never wanted to believe it but i guess i have to get use to it. I LOVE mark feehily so much that i thought he was going to be my future husband. I'm happy that he's happy i wish him all the best.

  12. by herbie 31st May 2008 07:34

    .....i don't belive that ur a gay! i stell love u mark feehily....

  13. by annoymous 11th Jun 2008 00:58

    i just cannot stop laughing this is shocking and kinda not suprising becuz i suspected he was gay or one of them waz gay i just never got proof but its funny!!!!haha

  14. by hayley 19th Jul 2008 11:57

    luv u mark no matta wot u r seriously................xx

  15. by Nina 21st Jul 2008 23:18

    it does not matter he is gay or not the important thing is he is happy with kevin.

  16. by narjiss 10th Dec 2008 12:06

    it's alright but it would have been better if he would not have been a gay.
    it is very funny and disgusting.

  17. by shane ann 23rd Mar 2009 10:27

    oh my gosh i cant believe
    you are gay!!!
    mark feehilyyou know
    you are my crush
    but since i know you are a gay....i'm getting angry joke
    many people loved you
    how can you
    ... Read More

  18. by guia freleen 28th Mar 2009 11:09

    aw you are my crush mark feehily i can't believe you are a gay... stop being a gay we love you you have many girl fans so dont live us behind

    T_T guia

  19. by ariel 17th Apr 2009 20:18

    I really don't care if you are gay or not! you still have the best voice i have ever heard! nd you are very very gorgeous! you still have lots nd lots of fans out there (including me) =... Read More

  20. by meri 15th Mar 2012 05:51

    we have not the right to judge a person who he/she is..i love westlife forever,,
    "no matter what they say, when it comes to love, nothing is impossible".. but then it is still wrong, it is his decision..