Michael Jackson has demanded photos of his penis are returned in the wake of his child molestation trial victory.

The eccentric singer is reportedly worried prosecutor Tom Sneddon will leak the humiliating pictures in a revenge attack for losing the high profile case

Jackson's lawyers, who returned to court today (16-05-05) to retrieve property seized by police from the singer's Neverland home, will also demand the penis pictures are returned or destroyedSneddon originally asked Jackson's first accuser Jordan Chandler to draw a picture of the singer's genitals in 1993 after the boy claimed Jackson had a unique blemish on his manhood - which is reportedly "striped like a barber's pole"Police then took photos of Jackson's penis to see if it matched the descriptionAlthough the case was settled out of court, the prosecution wanted to show the pictures in the trial to 'prove' previous intimate relationships with childrenHowever, the judge refused saying the pictures would prejudice the trialSneddon, meanwhile, has angrily denied possessing the pictures saying they were put into storage over 10 years ago

He said: "It's just nonsense I don't have those photos Nobody can get them without a court order"

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