Michael Jackson starved himself for 30 days during his child abuse trial.

The acquitted singer, who looked frail during the court case and was admitted to hospital several times, reportedly survived on nothing but water for over a month.According to nutritionist Dick Gregory, who was called in by Jackson's father, Joe, to help stabilise the ailing star and get him eating again, has revealed Jackson - who is over 6ft tall - dropped to seven stone in weight.But as Jackson regains his strength the star is facing a new legal battle just a week after being cleared of child molestation.A woman is claiming the eccentric celebrity's pet dog Flash attacked her after escaping from Jackson's Neverland Ranch home.In the lawsuit, filed on June 7 and published on American website thesmokingun.com Donna Kyman, 66, is seeking damages for the "great mental, emotional and physical pain and suffering" she allegedly endured.The woman, who lives nearby, goes on to accuse Jackson of being negligent in allowing the pooch to run free outside his property.She is seeking unspecified damages.

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