The source added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "She's got a secret new love and is desperately trying to keep the whole thing quiet. This is the last thing she wants as she's determined to keep his identity under wraps.

"The thought of someone rifling through all her personal and intimate emails and texts is really upsetting."

  1. by ShatrArrow 12th Dec 2007 14:32

    Please. When your publicist says you weren't mugged without being prompted, it's pretty obvious that he's let the cat out of the bag. Readers aren't stupid. Trying to spin anything aft... Read More

  2. by Mika 12th Dec 2007 15:03

    In order for this grown woman to finally be put in her place, designers should stop using her. She is 5 times a JLo and needs to have a reality check fast. I am tired of reading about... Read More

  3. by Max 12th Dec 2007 17:04

    Don't get me wrong I love my black swan Naomi but girl, you need to end these trantrums now!!! Right now! 'Cause girl I hate to say it one day you're gonna off on the wrong person and t... Read More