Nicolas Cage has revealed why he named his baby son after Superman. The Hollywood actor, who recently became a father again when his 21-year-old wife, Alice, gave birth to a baby boy, admits he named his son Kal-El - Superman's birth name - because he has "a warm spot in my heart" for comic books. Nicolas - who took his stage name Cage from Marvel superhero Luke Cage - says he is so fond of comics because they taught him how to read. He said of his son's unusual name: "We wanted a name that was exotic, was American and stood for something good. So Kal-el was a name we came up with, and then Kal for short"The 'Con Air' star has also spoken out about his love for Alice, who he calls "an angel".Nicolas, who fell for the former waitress when she served him in a Los Angeles sushi restaurant, told America's USA Today newspaper: "I don't think I could have done my last two or three movies if she wasn't there"I never really experienced that kind of support. It was the perfect dynamic to bring a child into the world"

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