1. by vanessa 24th Jan 2008 13:56

    i think she really was.

  2. by Angus Parvo 24th Jan 2008 14:56

    Yum, placenta! I like to saute placenta with some garlic, fresh basil, salt and pepper...yummy!

  3. by amber 24th Jan 2008 22:16

    I think she was pregnant with somebody elses baby because I think Tom shoots blanks. She's annoying anyhow.

  4. by Kell 25th Jan 2008 23:33

    I like my placenta with fava beans.....slurp!

  5. by Tiffany 26th Jan 2008 23:22

    I support Nicole in anything she does and I think that whatever she does with her life is her business and not everyone elses.