Nicole Kidman has admitted she is desperate to get pregnant - so she can have bigger breasts.She said: "If I had my own baby, I would have bigger boobs."That's one of the good things I can think of that would come out of it!".

The 'Stepford Wives' actress, who was recently linked to producer Steve Bing, said she's fed up with being slim and would prefer to have a more shapely figure.She said: "I've always had trouble putting on weight, yet I've wanted curves my whole life."I would like to look like Marilyn Monroe."Earlier this year, Nicole revealed how she has banned her children from playing computer games.The Oscar-winning actress has confiscated their games consoles because they took over family life.

She revealed: "I'd much prefer to talk but they had a Game Boy for 24 hours and I was like, 'Okay, give it back That's it'.

I never saw them I couldn't even get Connor to look up".

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